PUSH (A One-Night Art and Music Extravagancular)

The 912 Crew is putting together an A R T & M U S I C  apartment show on Sept 1st, starting at 7:30pm. Check out the facebook event, RSVP and join us for a night of live music, featured artwork by local artists and a selection of short film screenings throughout the night!
A B O U T:
A collection of artists and musicians based in our fine city of Chicago will be gathering under our fine Ukrainian Village roof. We will be featuring some of our favorite local emerging visual artists in the area! Come and crush a cup of wine, dance a dance, admire a work, meet a person(s), and listen to some live tunes! We’ll also be having some films provided in the backyard throughout the evening so we’ll have a curated selection of sensory stimulation. Artwork will be curated by a new venture from Sean and Lisa, the Paperish Mess Pop-Up Gallery.
C O N F I R M E D artists featured in the show include:Shawn Stucky

Liz Born

Jeff Prokash

Elizabeth Andrews

Kim Guare

Dorey Kronick

Frederick Nitsch

Emilie Bouvet-Boisclair

Anna Todaro

Lisa Muscato


Music will be curated by the ‘notitrecordings’ collective.
C O N F I R M E D musicians taking part will include:

M. Baptista Benedict


Dash Dash The Internet

Craig Johnson

We look forward to seeing you there!