JOIN US THIS SATURDAY, DEC. 1ST//7PM FOR “TWIN UMBILICUS” Installation by Liz Born// Live Music by Ant’lrd, Von Drum & Puberty

Join Paperish Mess on Saturday, December 1st at 7PM for the opening night of our first feature art exhibit TWIN UMBILICUS, a Suite of Woodcuts and Print Installation by Liz Born. Live Music//Welcome Home Show by Ant’lrd, Litesalive and Von Drum.
Dive into the Holidays teeth-first by confronting your own villainous doppelganger in TWIN UMBILICUS, a bold display of carnal fecundity! Sixteen carved vignettes reveal a curious mythology as birthing hips shake, towers crumble, and ravenous dogs lick up the scraps.We’ll have drinks and snacks to enjoy as well! Hope to see you at 7pm on Saturday, December 1st!

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