Reckless Bravery

Sean and Lisa at our pop-up shop at the end of Sept!

Portrait of a Gallery: Paperish Mess [Meredith Wilson] 3/20/2013

Thank you so much NewCity for featuring Paperish Mess and what we aim to do! Please click here to read about our endeavors as local business and gallery owners. Some of our fave snippets are below too! 🙂

“Their project of opening a shop has a reckless bravery to it. The couple staked their own money in Paperish Mess, which features a lovingly curated collection of objects from more than seventy-five independent artists and a rotating art installation…We’re building up a community of artists that will appeal to people… we want people to come in and be inspired… empowered to do whatever they want,” says Lisa. “Local businesses are better for vendors, for artists, for owners, for the community. We saw a lot of vacant spaces, not a lot of local businesses, and we want to invest in the neighborhood… Better a space like ours in a storefront than a corporation.”

Owning and operating a shop also affords Lisa and Sean, both artists, creative opportunities they might not have otherwise had.

“It gives us a chance to experiment. Sean had never done woodworking before he built the furniture in the shop, and now it’s something he’s passionate about. Jewelry making used to be just a hobby, but now I have people depending on me to get orders out,” says Lisa. “It doesn’t feel like work. When I come here [the shop] from work, it’s relaxing, it’s where I want to be,” adds Sean. “One of my roommates in Buffalo had this quirky dad who used to say, ‘You’re never going to get a hit if you don’t swing.’ It’s goofy, but that became a thing I started saying when we were setting up the shop.”